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Your Best Mum Crop Ever (Part 2)

July 1, 2019


(Interview starts at 6:40) Our guest today our guest today is Dr. Will Healy and back for Part Two in a three-part miniseries focused on garden mum production intended to help you produce the absolute best mum crops you possibly can – using the newest genetics and latest strategies. Dr. Healy returns to talk about the heart of the mum production timeline addressing the common question, “Am I where I need to be with my mum crop?” Will and I dig deep into monitoring feed, graphical tracking to hit critical dates, catching problems early and what to look for when walking your mum crops. And because every year, a grower somewhere has an issue impacting the start of their mum crop (like weather, greenhouse backups, labor challenges, delayed shipments, etc, etc…) we talk about ways to adjust, pivot and get back on track. Like I mentioned back in Episode 30 – part one of this series - we’re not releasing these episodes back to back to back but instead when they are most relevant – because many of you listen in real time. This will be a great episode to share with your entire team – because keeping a large, seasonal crop on track requires a village. Looking ahead, Dr. Healy will be back in a month to continue the timing message and wrap up with finishing tips and tricks to fine tune your absolute best garden mum crop before sending it to market.


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